Product Testers wanted & FAQ

I am always looking for people to sign up to be testers! Here is some information and FAQs on being a tester!
What You do: You test out a specific product for me, sometimes for a specific purpose, ( ex. Apricots overnight skin mask tested on faded tattoos ). You agree to give me honest feedback- Did you love, it, Hate it or somewhere in between, did it work? – usually within 2 weeks of getting the product.
What is in a tester package: A sample of the product, information on the product and instructions.
Why Do it: You get to try a product for free, plus all testers that get back to me with a review within the time frame we discussed get entered into a drawing. AND if you decide you love the product you tried, and you want to buy it, you will get 10% off your first order on that product.
Who can sign up: Anyone in the USA who is 16 years or old. Men are welcome!
How often will you get asked to test something: It depends on what products I have available that I need tested, and if i think you would be a good fit for that product. Most testers will get something every 2-3 months, some will get it more often. I will ask and let you know before sending something out, to be sure you’re available.
Do I have to purchase anything: not if you don’t want to, or aren’t able to. Sometimes prizes are discounts or posh cash, but if you choose not to use them, that is fine.
What if I dont like the Products: That’s okay, I only ask that you give me an honest review, tell me what you didn’t like about it, etc . Even if you do not like the product you can still be entered into the drawing.
How to sign up: Contact me, I will have a few questions to ask you – standard stuff – what do you do, do you have any tattoos or skin/hair issues you’d rather not have ( frizzy hair, dry scalp, dry skin, redness, oily skin, cracked skin etc ) Do you have kids, Is there a Posh man in the house that might be able to try stuff out for me? do you or your household have any allergies? and I will also need your email address and mailing address.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions or would like to sign up!

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