Pampering Packages, Tester Packets & Deluxe Samples

Ever wonder what is in my pampering packages? or What is a Test-er packet?  or How is a deluxe sampling package different than a regular one?

I made a video to show you the answers to this question  on my   facebook profile. Click Here to check it out

Pampering Packages are small packages with 3-4 samples inside  of it and some product or posh information.  They also include a handwritten note, a postcard with all my information including my VIP facebook group link and Blog link.  I usually send these out to friends and family that my customers have suggested need a free pampering experience.  If you or your friends could use a free pampering experience, please let me know, via the contact page on this blog, or reach  me on my facebook page.   I can also theme these so if they are having a baby, getting married, not feeling well, having a hard time or if you just want to let them know you are thinking about them, I can add cards for that too! I can send these to anyone in the USA , age 16 and older.

Tester packets are for my product testers.  These include a sample of a specific product that I have asked them to sample, along with tester instructions and information about the product.  I ask my testers to try them out and get back to me with an honest review within 2 weeks of getting the sample,  and if they do they are entered to win a prize.  Prizes vary from  full size products, deluxe sample packs, discounts, posh cash or even free shipping!  Plus they get to try out a product for free and if they like the product and decided to purchase it, They get a 10% discount on that product the first time they order it!  If you’d like more information about becoming a product test,  I have a blog post about it: Click me!

  Sample Packs:  

Sample packs include a current catalog, If I have one available, product & company information,  and a few small samples currently available Most samples will have 1-2 uses in them. 

Deluxe Sample packs: include a current catalog if available , product  & company information, a 1-3 regular sized samples, and 1-3 samples that are either bigger, or of an exclusive  or vintage product. 

I also have Hostess packets for those hosting home or portable parties, and  love Posh, be Posh packets, for when you’re looking to join my team.


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