Ingredient 101 – Caffeine


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One of the fabulous ingredients we use in our products is Caffeine.  I always thought caffeine was just for my coffee, and tea, I never knew it was good for my skin until I found out about posh. As a customer   I was introduced to these  products  Caffeinator- Skin Stick ,  Impish eyes: de-puffing eye serum , and Moisturize 911 – face creme  with caffeine in them, products I still use.


How Caffeine helps your skin:

♥ Can help tighten skin by shrinking blood vessels which can improve the appearance of puffiness, and improve circulation helping skin appear more radiant.

♥ Contains Vitamin E, a rich anti-oxidant & anti- Inflammatory   which aids in the fight against free radicals and  can calm inflamed skin, treating redness and under eye circles.

♥ Essential Fatty acids help with hydration of the skin and improved elasticity

♥ Caffeine is also a diuretic, which is helpful to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Wow!  Pretty cool huh?

Perfectly Posh uses Caffeine in products to help wake up your eyes,  fight aging & wrinkles, Pamper your lips, care for  your under eye area,  Moisturize your face, and refresh & clean your body.  

I use the Caffeinator stick when I didn’t get much sleep the night before, or when I just need a pick me up.  My Moisturize 911, I put on before my makeup ( sometimes to save time i will actually mix it with my BB cream)   and after every face wash ( My favorite if BFF).  and mask treatment!

I  am always using my zip your  lip, lip balms, usually after a quick lip scrub.    I dont really have too many wrinkles or under eye issues ( impish eyes took care of that for me last year) right now, but I have  customers really love both  Impish Eyes ( My mom uses it)  and Never grow up ( which is part of our look natural vegan line) .

As for our Good Morning Beautiful Chunk bar,  I honestly have never tried or smelled it myself, (its on my wish list)  but it’s my best friends favorite ( and she’s a bit picky lol)

Want to get all these products and more – over $250 dollars worth for just $99 plus tax & s/h? Purchase a Kit!   You can either work the business and be posh,  or you can keep the extra products, and use your commission as  discount, sell as a hobby.  It’s up to you! 



So that’s it for this Ingredients 101 – Caffeine edition.   Class Dismissed 🙂


If you have any questions about our Ingredients – which can be found clearly on every product, in the back of our catalogs, and on our website–  or if you’d like more information about Perfectly Posh or any of our products, please let me know!   Thank you,




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