New things going on….

School’s almost out,  My kid gets out this thursday!  its crazy!

I feel like there are a lot of things happening lately with posh!

There is always the weekly special.  this week its the purify snarky bar – on sale for $14.   That’s pretty cool , you save a couple of bucks on a great product-   check it out here.

But lately Posh is having a ton of great special sales, and items available!  It’s hard to keep up sometimes.   ( Be sure you are in my VIP facebook group, so you don’t miss a sale)  for example,  right NOW  ( until May 18th at 10am mst)  the Amazing skin sticks are on sale for just $10 each!  That’s a savings of $4!   That is, just… awesome.  I literally screamed when i heard the news, I was so excited!  Yes, I’m a posh dork  lol. 12651138_10105957998345488_1832660952019848441_n

I personally feel like I have a lot of ideas for Posh I am working on, including a fundraiser /drive for the troops,  I am looking for product testers for a few products I am working with.  I have the Monthly Drawing for all orders, and I have also decided that Product testers will be entered into a drawing to win free posh products, deluxe sample packs, Discounts  and posh swag.   I am also working on the idea of a loyalty card.  Something that rewards my loyal poshers.  You know get 8 punches and get a free ____ or save ___.   Let me know if you have any ideas about this.   I also want to reward you guys for referrals.  Don’t forget posh will reward you with free perks, by referring your friends to posh and perks using your personal referral link, which you can find on the pink bar at the top of your account page on my website  Screenshot 2016-05-16 at 11.17.53 PM

Posh has  items on closeout most at clearance prices.  These are mainly items from our last catalog.  Our Every popular Flower Power Pretty Kit is on sale for just $15 – this set includes a body wash, a body whip and a hydrating mask. One of my Personal favorites is also on closeout –Zone Treatment Face mask Kit   which includes 3 face masks and a brush for just $13

There is also some new products  in our Specials  including items for Father’s Day  and Sets like the Brazilian Bombshell Duo  this set includes a  tub of SkinDelicious Body Butter   and a Brazilian Bombshell Hydrating Body Mister for $35.00     and The Hipster and Portlandia Product Dou which includes  a Hipster Skin Stick  and a Portlandia SkinDelicious Body Butter for $29.00

ex1600-sd4603-brazilianbombshell-group (1) iso_0

Oh wow  it’s already past midnight here! I am such a night owl,  but I have an early day and a busy last week of school to get through.   Praying for Good Things.   As always let me know your thoughts, ideas and any questions!  Thank you 🙂 God Bless!



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