New for April – Monthly drawing

I recently watched a training video for my Posh team, and  they had some great ideas for having fun with our customers, and making sure they are happy!  One of these was to have a monthly raffle. Basically every order of $1.00 or more gets entered into a raffle for a free full size posh product ( excludes fundraiser orders) .  The prize would be a surprise item, it could be a lip balm. or a chunk or a hand creme.  If  there were a lot of orders that month, it may be something bigger.  like a face or body mask, a body scrub, or skindelicious body butter.  At the end of the month, I would draw a name for the winner.  Sounds  fun right?   It did to me too, so I figured I would give it a try for April. If it goes well, I will make it a monthly thing.  I however added my own twist to it.     Every Order placed of $1.00 or more  ( excluding fundraisers) will  get a ticket to the raffle,  BUT everyone who orders who is also a member of my Posh VIP facebook group, will get 2 tickets for every order placed. Why? Because I  LOVE my VIPs. Want to be a VIP, send a request to the group.  Easy Peasy.

Why do i have a VIP group?  Good question ,   I have one to share company sales,  and Exclusive specials and giveaways I am offering.  I also pick from  a couple names from my VIP group every month to send samples and fun stuff to.     Orders can be placed at my website or by contacting me.  Local orders always welcome.

12967410_10156801191665422_1112669397008455524_o (1)


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