Goal – Completed

I did It!  Well we did it!  I definitely didn’t do it alone!   I have hit my Goal for this month,  I wanted to hit  $1,000 in personal sales and have 1 recruit by April 8th.   This goal is called my 60 day props.  Props are an optional incentive program the company offers for new consultants.  You dont have to participate  it in, but it really helps to get your business going, and man does it feel good to make it. PLUS when you get $1,000 in lifetime sales you get a promotion and with it a raise, you make 5% more on sales commision then you did before.  Plus you get cool prizes if you do it in your first 60 days,  I got some personalized stickers with my business information on it for sampling  ( a $43 value) , I also got 12,000 perks points ( perks is a rewards program for customers and Consultants that lets you earn points to use for free items, discounted items, exclusive items and samples  (its free to sign up for these –  here’s the link if you want to Perks Rewards sign up ) .      I also get a pin and a certificate.  I am pretty proud of myself.  Before posh I was more of  a dreamer than a doer.  I’m so excited  for my next step!

If you want to learn more about Posh or even Join my team  ( I would love to have you!)  contact me for more information at AliciaMarie87@gmail.com or check out my website: www.prettyonposh.com



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