Free Posh for you!

Want Free Posh?  I know 3 great ways to get it!

  1.  SIgn up for Perks!    

Perks is a reward program offered by Perfectly Posh, It’s free to sign up, and you earn perks points, which you can cash in for free posh, discount posh,  exclusive products and samples.  You can earn points by signing up, on your birthday, hosting Parties, referring friends and placing orders.  Sounds Easy right? Well it is, plus it’s fun, and the best part it’s super easy to sign up:  Sign up for Perks

2.  Host a Party 

Host a Party!  You earn free perks as your hostess reward.  Parties under $200 earn you 6 perks points per $1.00 in sales, and parties over $200, earn you 10 perks points per $1.00 in sales.  Spend them or Save them, your choice.   – Head to the contact page or my facebook page and contact me about a party today!

Different types of Parties

  1.  Online/Facebook party – have online, via a facebook group or event page, or even on youtube, you get a personal party link for friends to order from.
  2.  Basket or Portable party,  I give/send  you a basket or bag with samples, order forms, catalogs, information and maybe even a tester. You bring the party with you to the office, to friends house, where ever you are, you can collect orders. I can also set you up with a party link for online orders.  You do not have to be local to me to have a portable party  🙂
  3.  In Home party –   You invite friends to your house, I bring information, and products,  You, your friends and I try out the different products.  Themes welcome.
  4.   Small Parties, or one on ones.  I meet with you or you and a couple besties, bring products for you to try, and samples for you to keep. We talk, we sample, we have fun.
  5.  Try it on Party.  I bring you samples, and information.  You try on the products, in your own home, on your own time.  This one works best when combined with a basket party.

3.   Join Posh! 

Join my team.  Sell Posh yourself,  Earn an income or use your commission  as a discount.  If you work the business right, you can earn Posh Perks, by recruiting others, and by having customers place orders from your link.  Plus the company has different goals and challenges where they give Perks as prizes. They also have Posh Points – that is exclusively for Consultations, and you can use those to get free items, not just Posh products but jewelry, bags, electronics  and more .  We get paid weekly, and  the perks you earn can also be used for business supplies, like catalogs. lacons, samples, posh swag and business cards.

Oh and there’s one more way… I often have specials, sales and giveaways in my VIP facebook group...  just sayin’   🙂


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