Introductions .. Hi My name ….

Hi my names  is…. ( Insert Eminem music from the 90s) 

   Hi!  I’m  Alicia,  I am 28 years old.  I live in the midwestern United States and I have an amazing, but a little bit crazy ( in a good way) 7 year old son.  Living in a small town is fairly new to me, I moved out here from new england in 2013.  In new england i lived in a town with the population of  roughly 7,000 people. I thought this was a small town, and then I moved out here to a town of roughly 350 people.  Ya, I know.   

My life can pretty much be boiled down to God, Jesus, Family, Posh, and Duct tape.   That last one is more of a hobby at the moment, but it’s worth mentioning .  Family well that’s easy, My son.  Although I do have some great parents, sister and BIL and some beautiful nieces and nephews.  God & Jesus, without whom I’d have nothing, also easy,  also about love and family.  I am blessed. not lucky.   and Finally Posh.  Perfectly Posh to be more specific.   I have been a Perfectly Posh customer for years, My  best friend introduced me to their products, the first couple purchases were just to help her out, but  I quickly fell in love with the products and purchased often.  That happens a lot.  People Try it, Love it, Want it, and sometimes they even sell it.  After my move from New England, I was starting over in many ways.  I was working part time out of the home, and I also sold crafts and jewelry online, my friend kept telling me I should join posh, and I wanted to but I always had an excuse not too.. I dont have the time, I dont have the money, I’m not a sales person. I am too shy.  My town is too small. etc etc etc.  but she kept checking in and she kept growing, herself and her business. I could see the changes in how she carried herself. she was more confident, her business was thriving,  she was taking care of her family.  She was becoming a leader and coming out of her shell, It was beautiful.   So the next time i had $99 in the bank, I took the plunge. I figured what was I going to spend it on?  Video Games,  Craft supplies,  Clothes…. why not invest it, make it work and grow with for me.

So now we are here, I thought I’d make a blog about my Posh Life, and Business.  Share my thoughts and experiences, my successes and my .. bumps in the road.  Maybe my experiences will help and inspire someone like my Bestfriend and now my uplines’  story did for me, maybe I will be the only one reading this lol.  Either way I am good.  

   Thank you , God Bless 


Pretty on Posh



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